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After trials we decided we should have a fun pk event with the rest of the server coming in to face us, good times had by all ;) 

Hawk Razor

May 9, 2021


Claw finishes his troll hunt with an impromptu grand finale, watched by a huge crowd.. where he murders the ever living shit out of poor Oasa, earning himself a hilarious memory along with the Troll Crusher badge.

Enjoy the lols too by clicking here

Hawk Razor

June 20, 2021


Looks like Requill is not into PDA Kristo! Save it for the late night hours when Warhawk is done having his way with him.

UDI Razor

March 30, 2021


Hawk Razor

Brawlers Tavern

Posted on March 3, 2021

TDL has settled some roots into a wonderful new world, named Brawlers Taven.

Alpha 2 link: https://brawlerstavern.com/alpha2/

This new adventure is due to the hard work of Adrian, and his bro fez (aka Crazy Sparing Alien). We support and love this new place to pwn, as a result of this new development.. we've been busy.. And resurrecting new and old folk!

For a brief, high level idea of what has gone down.. please refer to our latest top entry to the history page ;)

As it has been, so shall it always be.

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